Salt Box for Sax Reeds

The salt box is a long term storage device for a large number of reeds. But you have to make it yourself. Not to worry.  They are out-of-date these days when compared with other, newer types of mass reed storage, but maybe you want to make one for yourself anyway!

Here is what you need:
1) A plastic sandwich container 8”x6”x2 ½”. (All sizes are what mine are. You may choose different sizes for your components.)
2) 2 glass plates 6”x4”x1/4”. Do not use Plexiglas or plastic, as they will flex and cause warping. Make sure the edges and corners are rounded for safety.
3) A rubber kitchen sink liner, and cut it into an 8”x6” piece.
4) 2 large, thick rubber bands
5) Rock salt

All but the glass can be found at your local grocery or department store. The glass can be found at a glass and mirror store, or a picture framing shop. It should be inexpensive because they will just use scrap glass, cut, and bevel it for you.

Pour a thin layer of rock salt in the bottom of the container. Some players will buy a woman’s nylon stocking to put the salt in and tie the open end closed. Put the square (or rectangular) rubber piece over it. Line the reeds up on the glass (table of the reed down of course) and secure them with a rubber band. Depending on the thickness of the sandwich container, you may be able to stack 2 plates of reeds. Close the lid.

Replace the salt once a month. This device will age your reeds very nicely. I have good reeds that are 20 years old in mine and still work well!

salt box for sax reeds

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