Sax Reed Storage Devices

Reed storage devices are designed to keep your wood safe when not in use. The tip is the most vulnerable part and it must be protected. These Containers also allow them to dry flat so warping does not occur. Some of the fancier products even prevent mold from forming.

Saxophone reed guard

A basic type of guard is shown in the pic above. The tip slides under a clamp. Extreme care must be given so the tip does not break when sliding it in. That would defeat the whole purpose of the reed guard! Do not jam it into the slot. Simply push it in until it stops. (Table of the reed—the flat side—down.) This one is older and made of metal. Most are made of plastic now. I used a metal etching pen to number the bays. I put my best reed in bay 1, second best in bay 2, etc.

Saxophone Reed Case

Another product is the reed case. It has a charcoal tube which sits in the center of the case. Each bay is notched with a number. The cap offers more protection and prevents them from slipping out.

Saxophone Reed selling case

Some reeds come out of the box in a plastic dispenser. This should be discarded after putting it in a proper storage device. This little plastic holder will not keep the reed flat, and in some instances cause warping due to its sometimes-distorted shape.

For long term storage you may want to choose the grand-daddy of them all: the salt box.

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